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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pictures from Qacha's Nek

These pictures are from when I visited another volunteer. Her site was really cool, I think I described it in another post. I am going to try and put up more pictures soon!!! The second one down is the bath tub that we use here. I just got my own the other day!!


Laura said...

It is soo cool to read these and see what you're doing and you do a great job of explaining everything tht I can see you actually doing it. So funny! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and guess what!!! I'm buying Mike a yellow puppy lab for xmas! I'll have to email you some pics. Love ya and sooo proud of all you're doing!!

Tara Lang said...

Mike I'm going through a little withdraw, I look at your blogs everyday, waiting for a new Dissen adventure! Although I have to say, congrats on getting your own bath tub! that has to be exciting! I know you are busy doing amazing things, but don't forget we are over here missing you! Love ya lots xoxo

Anonymous said...

Michael I miss you... reading all of this stuff is so amazing and I cannot tell you how proud I am and we all are of you!! I finished my student teaching this past friday! All i wanted to do was call you and tell you all about it but I know your busy with your new BATH TUB haha and I'm so happy for you. But anyway I miss you TONS and I'm so glad to hear your having a great time. Keep in contact when you can. Love you!!!