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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello from Johannesburg!

Hello from South Africa!  It doesn't even feel like I'm in Africa.  Everything is so beautiful and we're staying in an awesome hotel!!  Someone at the airport told me that the whole country is getting ready for the world cup in 2010!

Our flight was about 18 hours long.  We took a quick pit stop in Dakar, Senegal to fill up and let some people on and off.  I slept the whole first 6 hours!  When I checked in, I asked if I could switch from the middle seat to the isle seat.  Ended up being a great move because I had the whole row of 4 seats to myself.  Right after we ate, I flipped up the arm rests and passed out for 6 hours.  After we left Dakar, I watched "Beat the Drum."  Great movie...it's about a boy in South Africa and how he learns about AIDS.  Then I slept for another 5 hours.  I'm pretty well rested!! 

I just got finished eating dinner in our amazing hotel!  I really didn't expect to stay in a hotel this nice in the middle of South Africa.  The rooms are really modern and feel like something I would find in a big city in the US.  I got in the shower and realized that the wall was a tinted glass and that my roommate, or anyone else in the room, could see my silhouette when I was in the bathroom! 


For dinner, we ate in the hotel restaurant.  We all ran through the buffet line several times.  I couldn't believe they were serving lamb, beef, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and about a dozen salads and desserts. 

My next flight is at 6, so we're leaving the hotel at 4.  Next time I'm on, I will be in Lesotho!  Byeeee!


Anonymous said...

Hii!! I'm so glad that you are having a good time so far. And let's face it who is suprised that you slept for most of the way. I've been without talking to you for two days and I already have so much to tell you! I miss you so much!

Tara Lang said...

HEYYYYY!!!!! I am so happy you are updating this! I didn’t think you were going to be able to get on so soon but I decided to check since I miss you so much and there you were! I am glad you are having a good time and are staying in an awesome hotel! Nick is so jealous that you will be there for the World Cup, he told me about it a while ago and says it’s going to be awesome! So you better try and be apart of it! OK and another thing, I know you loved the silhouette shower! I wish I was there because we all would be having some fun with that! It is just something we would really appreciate and use fully to amuse our selves! Haha Well I miss you so much, but its comforting knowing you are having such an amazing time! So keep updating for me, I wanna hear the good, the bad, and the amusing! xoxo

marla jaksch said...

welcome back to afrika mike! i am happy to hear your journey has been nice so far. i will be in tanzania over winter break, and then again in may-july with hamilton students. perhaps we can arrange to meet up somewhere? i wish you all the best!!