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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm in the airport!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm in JFK airport and am bored out of my mind.  We've been hanging around here for almost 4 hours and our flight leaves at 5.  I will be in the air for 17 hours and then will stay over in Johannesburg, South Africa.  We need to be out of the hotel at 4AM to make our flight...blah.  I'll be in Lesotho at 7Am on Friday...it will be about 12:30 Am our time.  

The 19 people in my group seem pretty cool.  I think we're going to have a great time!  I think I'll have internet access in South Africa, so I'll be back on then!!

Miss everyone!!!!


Mike's Dad said...

Miss you too! Oh almost forgot. Mom and I turned your room into a really cool gym and sold your old stuff on eBay today. After watching you agonize on how to pack 100 pounds of clothing in two large duffle bags we figured your old stuff would be worthless. Can you believe people pay $50-$100 for jeans with rips and tears, paint splashes, and twisted inseams? Anyway have fun, be safe.

Love you,


Kristin said...

Hey Tankle,
Your blog is extra nerdy...but I obviously love it lol. Miss you tons! Can't wait to hear how the flight over was. Did you wear the eye shield thing? My whole fam says, "hi!" and "good luck!" That includes Karen, Mike, the kids, Sara, Nan, and Gram :) They love you too. Let me know if you see any celebs in Johannesburg. Be careful. Miss your______.


skstgrande said...

I was going to write something sweet and touching but after reading your dad's post I'm going to run out to your house and check out all your stuff. Might find a great deal for Christmas!

Love you,
Aunt Kelly

Gram D. said...

Don't you worry, Michael.. me & Pap will be watching your dad & Aunt Kelly..we have had LOTS of experience with those two! We miss you already.. Stay safe!

Love you,

Gram D.