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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm in Philadelphia!

My flight left Pittsburgh at 9:35 this morning and got me to Phili around 10:45.  The plane was soooo small, but it was a nice flight.  I'm sitting in the lobby of my hotel now trying to relax and get past the idea that I will probably have more luggage than anyone else.  I am still not sure how I managed to pack 100.5 lbs of stuff into those bags!  People thought I was out of my mind when I was in the airport trying to waddle around with all of my stuff.

At 2:00 today, I will get to meet all of the other volunteers and will go through an orientation.  Thennnnnnnnn, Alli and Amee are picking me up and we're going to dinner!  I'll try to get on here again before I leave, but I might not be able to for a few days.  My address and everything are in a previous post, pleeeeeease write me!  I'd love to hear from you!!

Talk to everyone soon!  


Alyssa K. said...

mikey, take some of your velour pant suits out... that'll take off a good 20 lbs :)

Tara Lang said...

HAHA you would have the biggest luggage! love it!