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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bug bites and dance parties

Hello from a local internet cafe! A few of us decided to walk around the town and check out the shops, but they are all closed because it's Saturday!! I found an internet cafe, which sounds way nicer than it is, and thought I'd say hi!

The past few days have been sooo busy, but I have really learned a lot. I am starting to really get into Sesotho, but am still throwing in some of the few Spanish and Swahili words that I know. Yesterday, some of the current volunteers presented a workshop about classroom management. It was really interesting and helped us to understand what the classrooms would be like at our site. During the presentation, I noticed a small bug bite on my arm. It didn't hurt or anything, it was just itchy. After about 10 minutes, someone else noticed the bite and that it had a nice size rash around it. I was asked by several people to see Dr. J, the Peace Corps doctor. When I got there, he said it was just a bug bite and asked me to take some kind of over the counter medicine and to put some cream on it. Today, the bump is still there, so I might go back to see him tonight. I really don't think it's something to worry about, but we'll see!

Earlier this week, a few of us discovered the local beer store. The night started with us just having a few beers and sharing stories of home...a few minutes later I got a hold of someones Ipod, turned off the lights, grabbed a few headlamps, and it turned into a dance party! It was a great way to break the ice! I'm sooo excited for tonight because we're going out with a few of the volunteers that have been leading workshops all week. It should be interesting!

Sorry this entry is so scattered! I usually type them on my computer and just paste them in, but I only have a few minutes on this computer!!!

Yesterday, we had the chance to take a 4+1 (cab) to the taxi rink. The taxi rink is where people get taxi's (really they are small 10 passenger busses that cram about 15 people in). It is also a local market. It was really neat to walk around and see what people were selling and buying. There were a lot of small stands that sold anything from dead chickens to clothing. The reason we visited the rink was to learn how to navigate on our own. On Monday we will be visiting current volunteers to see how they live and what their Peace Corps experience has been like. They will travel to Maseru, where I am now, and will take us back to their site. My site is in Quache's Nec (I think I spelled that wrong...and the Q is pronounced with a click!).  It turns out that the cite I'm visiting is the furthest away from Maseru.  It will be about a 6 hour bus ride!  

Yesterday we met the US Ambassador in Lesotho.  He is a pretty cool guy and asked us to come over for Thanksgiving and swim in his heated pool!!  So Thanksgiving won't be so sad away from home!  It sounds like it will be a pretty good time!  

Well I have to go!  Hope everyone is doing well!


jordan hilty said...

i miss you love jordan hilty

Tara Lang said...

OMG! DANCE PARTY!!!! lovvvve it!! haha I couldn't stop laughing. These people aren't going to know what hit them after spending two years with you!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to you to show these people how to party. I hope no embarrasing stories were told... though i'm sure they were:) if you need information on bug bites I am the queen... as you know I am i highly allergic. You went to the doctor already!? Im not suprised... please keep updating your blog, my mom and I LOVE to read it!!! Miss you tons, take care!!<3

Mike's Dad said...

Hey Mike - I understand phone and internet service can be pretty dicey in Qacha's Nek, but the mountain views are breathtaking! I'm sure you're taking pictures. We can't wait to see where you've been and who you're hanging with! Be safe – have fun.