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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello from Lesotho!

I'm in Lesotho!  We got here early yesterday morning and the weather has been beautiful!  When we got to the airport a few of us were missing some luggage.  After talking with some people mine turned up without anything missing, but other people had a ton of stuff stolen from their bags.  They handled it really well.  

Right now, I'm at the Peace Corps Headquarters.  It's so nice!  We have a guard on duty 24/7...just in case, a staff of people that are working on showing us around and teaching us the language.  The next 8 weeks are full of 12 hour days where we'll have language classes and all kinds of other classes to help us learn about the country.  The food they are cooking for us is great, we're eating a lot of chicken and fresh vegetables.  They are mixing in some Basotho (People of Lesotho) food, which isn't bad.  The food, people, and landscape really reminds me of Tanzania.  I keep catching myself greeting people in Swahili instead of Sesotho.  

I am pretty sure today is our first and only "free day."  Sunday's are typically our day off, but I think after this week we will have cleaning, studying, and other small projects to work on.  A lot of us are taking time to write letters and just relax today, which is sooo nice!  Earlier today, we walked around the city and checked out some of the local shops.  I was really surprised to walk into the local grocery story and see 15 isles of stuff.  It was comparable to any nice grocery store in the states!  It made me feel so much better to know that I could get anything I could possibly need in the city.  I met a volunteer that has been here for a year.  She lives about 3 hours away and comes to the city at least once a month.  

I will be staying here for about 8 weeks before I am place in my permanent village.  Until then, I should be able to get online 2 or 3 times a week!  I am working on getting a cell phone!  I'll post the number soon!



Tara Lang said...

I'm glad you are safely there! Do you think you'll be able to post pictures, I wanna see all these beautiful places you keep talking about!

amee said...

i glad to hear things are going well! love youa

Shayna said...

Hey Mike!!
Thanks so much for creating this blog and updating to keep us all posted on your adventures. Take in every second of it :) SO proud of you. ~Shayna~

Aunt June said...

Hi Michael! So glad to hear you arrived safely and I will be looking forward to hearing all about your "adventures" Take care and good luck. Love, Aunt June

Ntate Jim said...

Lumela, ntate Mike,

Khotso. Ke moitaopi o moholo. I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (moitaopi) who served in Lesotho years ago. I came across your blog and am enjoying your entries. They take me back to the "Mountain Kingdom" where I spent several of the most formative years of my life.

When I was in training, we stayed at Our Lady's House in Roma and did our teacher training at Christ the King High School. Where are you staying? I hope you'll keep your "followers" clued in with the specifics of your experiences.

Sala hantle, ntate!