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I graduated from Penn State and currently live in Lesotho, Southern Africa as I serve in the Peace Corps!

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Monday, February 23, 2009


The pictures I added are of my house and town. When I say I come to town, I leave my small village and come to the place in the picture. I'll try to take more pictures, but didn't want people to notice the camera!!


Allison said...
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Allison said...

There is a rainbow in the first picture!! Its so pretty and your house and town dont look bad at all! Thats so interesting about the girls going away to school to learn how to become a woman.I'm so proud that you took care of your mouse problem on your own.. hah your growing up;) Anyway, it was great to talk to you last weekend it seems like your having a great time and I cant wait to hear more about it! Well I miss and love you! keep updating!<3

Amanda said...

Hey Mike! Love your story. Were your knuckles bleeding by the time you were done with your laundry? I still have scars from doing wash during CBT! Now I pay a woman from my village to do it for me...helping the local economy and all that jazz:-) I have had to bring clothes in to dry many times though. They seem to never get dry inside!!!