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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spiders, Exams, and more Spiders

Happy New Year! I posted a few pictures below, but couldn't type anything to tell you what was going on! The pictures are all of my new house and village. I have the most amazing view from my front door! All around me are huge mountains. The first picture, which just looks like a mistake, is a picture of one small section of one of my shelves. If you look closely, you will see around 15 spiders near the top. That is just a sample of the mass murder that went on in my hut a week ago. I have never seen more spiders in one room!! The rest of the pictures are of my house, my toilet (on the left), and some of my village. My village is soooo cold at night, so today I bought a huge blanket, a down comforter and duvet cover for only $50! I bought a ton of stuff to help make my hut feel like my home for the next two years. I am hoping to paint it in the next few months. I'm thinking yellow? I need something bright because I only have one window!

I know it was a short post, but not much is going on. I will be swearing in as an official Peace Corps Volunteer on Thursday! I can't wait! ALSO! I passed the language test. I scored Intermediate Medium! The highest score in our group was Intermediate High! I was really nervous. If we didn't pass, we would receive private tutoring for one month after everyone else left for their villages. It felt so nice to pass and be done with that phase of Peace Corps! Once I get settled into my hut, I plan on getting a tutor to help me learn more. I would love to speak the language pretty well after spending 2 years here!

Hope everyone is doing well! Miss you much! I'm waiting for some updates in the next few days! Michaeldissen@gmail.com incase you forgot!!!

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Allison said...

Hi Michael. Its me and my mom writing to you! I'm so proud of you that you are being so brave! I would NEVER be able to live in a room full of spiders. Congrats on passing your test, I never doubted you for a second. Your house looks great! Haha needs a little work to tell you the truth but youll make it home I'm sure. I think its HILARIOUS that you sleep with a flashlight, I would too. And the water story made me pee my pants! We miss you sooo much, I am getting a phone card so I can call you. We miss you VERY much, keep updating! My mom wants to know what the average range of temperature is and if you brought sunscreen, if not she'll send it haha. Love you!