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Friday, January 30, 2009


It rained a lot this week, which dropped the temperature to about 58 degrees. My hut has a grass roof, so it didn’t keep the cold out very well. The only plus side is that the cabinet that holds all of my food – dried, canned, and fresh – acted as a refrigerator. For the first time ever, I didn’t gag and force down warm yogurt! I am still getting used to warm cheese, eggs, yogurt, and everything else that really should be refrigerated.

ADDRESS UPDATE! I am going to start using my friends PO box because it is closer to my village and takes much less time to receive a package or letter. Anything that has been sent to my old address will automatically be forwarded to me! So that is fine! Either one will work!!

Mike Dissen
Ed Office
P.O. Box 230
Botha, Bothe 400
LESOTHO, Southern Africa

Also, I am in town today! I HAVE SERVICE!! So if anyone is interested in calling, my phone should work until about 2AM, your time. I will not have service after that though! Hope to hear from you soon.

ANNNNDD HIIII to everyone at Gray’s Woods! Miss you all!

Ok. so there are pictures below. In a very random order, they are...first grade sudents practing writing "dog," "cat," and "cow" on the floor in chalk. I was so excited to see the teacher create ways to teach without pencils and paper! Others are of my farthest school. It is about 2 hours away, up a mountain. The kids are standing in line getting lunch. That day was papa (ground up corn that makes a kind of dough?) and beans. Uhhhh other pictures are of when Phil and I hiked the mountain behind our house. The goats go up there every day to eat grass. I'm not sure why they don't eat grass about 2,000 Feet below??? I took a serious nap after that hike! Oh! The group picture is when we swore in as volunteers! We are with the director of Peace Corps Lesotho!


Suzy Bennett said...

Dear Mr. Dissen,
I hope you are having as much fun as I am right now. I'm doing well in second grade. What grade do you teach? Are you having fun in Africa? Have you seen a lion?

Love, Kelly Bennett.

Randall said...

Mike of Lesotho,
I am Randy, father of Phillip, and I am happy you write blogs. You seem to like pix; I like pix. Phil takes pix, but he doesn't always share so I am pleased to Make your acquaintance.
So, is that one of the loo's of Lesotho? Inviting. I take it you move through schools? Is that because you do elementary? I have an aunt who taught in a one room school house in illinois for 8 years; then she taught for 27 in the same room of an elementary in a consolidated school district. Not itinerant, but she did bribe students to get coal brought in for the next day.
buena suerte. good luck
El V

skstgrande said...


Maria said...

Happy birthdayyyy!!!
Love you and miss you!!

Allison said...

I'm so happy that your doing all these things in nature! look at you all grown up haha who would have thought?? i miss you so much and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I wish we were at school and could celebrate in a SERIOUSLY inappropriate way haha. love you!

Gram D. said...

Happy Birthday Michael! We love your pics.. especially love that bathroom! Have a wonderful birthday.

Love you, Gram & Pap

Jim & Kim Kress said...

Happy Birthday Michael!!!!!

Love, Jimmy & Kim

Shayna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!! I love reading your updates :) Thanks for the GW shoutout- Miss you and hope you're having an amazing time!