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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


What a day!  I just got back from Tsehlanyane, a really nice lodge that is on the Botha Bothe/Liebre border (I am still not sure if I am spelling some of these Sesotho words right!).   Side Note:  a huge spider just fell on my laptop.  I am very much over living with spiders.  I have a feeling they will only get worse when I move into my thatched roof hut, but still.  It was really big and moved faster than I did.  Where did it even come from???  And where is it now?  I can’t find it anywhere.  When it hit my keyboard, it sounded like someone dropped a marble on it.

Anyway.  It was so nice to see everyone from my group.  We are split into three villages, so we don’t get to be together as a group very often.  While we were at the lodge/park, we had the chance to hike to a natural swimming pool.  There is a really cool river that runs through the country and at one point a natural damn created a small swimming pool.  It even had a natural rock slide!  Men here do not wear shorts, so it was so nice to wear shorts.  We also had a cookout.  I don’t really cook meat on my own, so it was nice to have some meat.  I think once I have my own place I will start cooking meat more.  For now, it is just too hard to keep it from spoiling.  I am also so lazy!  There have been a few nights where I have skipped dinner or eaten a piece of fruit because I had a big lunch.

Well I am going work on book number 3 since getting here!  I borrowed The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch.  It’s a great book!  Hopefully I will be reading without my new spider friend.  I have this product called DOOM.  It says to spray and then leave the room for 30 minutes.  On more than one occasion, I have blasted the life out of a spider from my bed.  The lavender scent just doesn’t seem as toxic?  Merry almost Christmas!!  I have really cool pictures from our trip and am hoping to get many more pictures up in the next week or 2!!!!

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