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Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm aliveeeee

Sorry for being the worlds worst blogger! It’s been over a month and I have a ton of stories. I’ll try to go in order and keep things short…

I went with four of my friends to South Africa, Mozambique, and Swaziland. It was incredible! We started our trip by renting a car in South Africa. We heard mixed reviews about the roads and driving in Africa. We decided to take our chances and drive ourselves. I took the second shift driving, which started right before the Mozambique border. It took us forever to get across the maze of customs and visas. When they asked me to write down the engine number, I started sweating and had a guy come and find the number for me. After two hours of that, we drove through the country into the night. Around 1 am I nailed one of the hundreds of potholes on the road and bent the rim of one of our tires. As we were changing the tire, our friend Kristin froze and told us that there was a lion across the dirt road. We all stared at the “lion” with the help of the world’s smallest flashlight. We all stood there and waited for a car to drive by so we could really see it. It ended up being a large dog that had no interest in what we were doing. A few hours later, we safely arrived at our backpackers in Tofo, Mozambique!
Surprisingly, we woke up at 8 the next day and were ready to go to the beach. My friend John and I wanted to explore the area, so we decided to take a quick trip to pick up water and some snacks. We told the girls that we would be back in a few minutes. During our attempt to get water, we met a few guys that lived in the area. They ended up taking us to their homes where we had fresh coconut and met a ton of other people. After that, they took us to a local soccer game, which was amazing. Some guys played barefoot, while others played with cleats. Half of the field was covered in hills and sand, and the other side had patches of grass. It looked impossible to play on. After all of that, John and I returned back to our backpackers with no food and water.
We spent the rest of the week playing soccer with kids on the beach, exploring the area, hanging out with people at our backpackers, and relaxing. Towards the end of the week, we discovered the fish market. We ended up buying a not so fresh fish and 2kg of prawns. Our backpackers cooked it for us and it was pretty good. We tried it again the next day with a group of people we met from Zimbabwe and bought a much more fresh fish. I loved buying fish that were just caught that day…or week. We ate them on top of a sand dune overlooking the ocean. It was incredible!
At the end of the week the girls traveled onto Cape Town and had an amazing time. John and I decided to head back to Lesotho. Swaziland was right on the way, so we decided to spend a night in Swaziland. The country was beautiful, but we decided to move on the next day and tried to get to Pretoria, South Africa in time to get tickets to the Confederation Cup game later that night. We ended up getting in town too late, so we watched it on TV with a bunch of guys we met at our ex-mafia mansion turned backpackers we stayed in.
All in all, our vacation was amazing. We met people from all over the world and got to escape the cold weather in Lesotho for a while. When we got back, we layered up to keep warm and even played in the snow one night!
Since then, I’ve been visiting other volunteers that live in slightly warmer areas than I do. I also had the chance to teach 2 workshops last week for college students working towards becoming teachers. My workshop focused on literacy and reading to students in the classroom. It went really well and I’ll be doing it again this week.
I’ll probably be in town for another week or two for a funeral, two more workshops, and to see a few more friends before I head north.
Well I think that’s all I have for now. I’ll try and post some more later this week. Hope everyone is doing well at home!

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Shayna said...

Glad you're doing well :) I love reading about your adventures. Things are good here, it's Summer and it's been beautiful (after a couple weeks straight of rain back in June, we deserve this)! Keep updating and I'll keep reading!!