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I graduated from Penn State and currently live in Lesotho, Southern Africa as I serve in the Peace Corps!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pictures and Video!

Hey everyone!! I sent all of my pictures and video home to my mom and she put them online! The internet isn't fast enough for me to upload video, so she put it on utube for me. The links are on the left side of my blog. Check them out! There is a tour of my house and tons of pictures. Hope this helps you to picture where I'm living and what I'm doing here!!

Miss everyone!


Allison said...

That youtube video is GREAT! It was so neat to see where you lived! I hope by some chance that I can come to visit cause that would be amazing... Miss you tons! Love ya

kim bryan said...

Mike...I still am amazed at your work. Now that school is almost out, i would love to organize a care package for you..what do you need or want? All your gray's woods friends ask about you...i am in awe of you...love ...Kim