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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Durban Pictures!

Durban story! So we discovered the night life pretty quickly and had a great time meeting new people and visiting new bars. When we asked people where to go, they assumed we wanted to go to upper class, white bars. We didn't mind checking out a few, but the locals were a ton of fun to hangout with. We asked a taxi driver to take us to a fun bar. It was late in the night and we weren't too choosy, we just wanted to have a good time. We all had nice beach clothes on, but as Peace Corps volunteers, we weren't dressed too well. When we got to the bar, we stood in line for about 10 minutes and started talking to the bouncer. After a minute or two, he looked at my shoes, which were sandals, and told us we couldn't come in. He said that I wasn't dressed well and that slops weren't allowed in this bar. It was toward the end of the night, so I told him what I thought and we left. As it turns out, we couldn't get into several bars because of my "slops." It is a pretty funny story now, but I was not happy at the time.

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Randall said...

i'd like to thank you for having a picture of Phillip; he doesn't do pix as much as i think he should. that's a lot of sundenied skin there; you guys look like you need to do a little more beach time.
and, again, thanks,
randy youngren, aka phil's dad