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Friday, March 27, 2009

More Pictures (Blog further down the page!)

These pictures are of a hike that I took to see cave paintings and the family that I hung out with all day. The other pictures are of some of the students I work with. The pictures appear as a ton of jumbled up letters before I hit submit, so I don't know what order they are in. Sorry!!!!!!


Maria said...

omg Im in love with that baby. dont get any ideas or anything but hes so cute :)

suzwayne said...

Hi Mike,

Suzanne Wayne from the Penn State College of Education here. Pam Batson worked with you to prepare an article about your experiences for our Alumni magazine.

In that article, it talks about your host family naming their child "mike" in honor of your arrival at their home.

Is this baby that "mike?"

If so, can we use this picture?

Or do you have a picture from your blog that you suggest we use?


Suzanne Wayne
Coordinator of College Relations
Penn State College of Education